These new roads last longer, costs less and lower your tax.

“Stronger, Greener, Leaner.” MacRebur’s new plastic roads benefit everyone.


(Photograph: Macrebur)


At first glance this road may look no different to the road outside your house, but look a little closer and you will notice that it’s a load of rubbish……..well kind of.

Scottish based company MacRebur are moving forward with their new and improved roads made with waste plastic. The now commercially available product ‘MR6’ is a small pellet additive created from recycled plastic waste, these pellets are used to replace bitumen in the mixture that creates the asphalt.

Replacing the bitumen with MR6 plastic pellets doesn’t compromise the quality and durability of the road, it enhances it. The pellets greatly increase the lifespan of the roads by improving it’s rheology, fuel resistance , cohesion and adhesion along with significantly improving the overall tensile strength of the surface. If all that went over your head then to put it simply, smoother roads and less potholes! Now that is something we can get on board with.

The pellets make up around 6% of the asphalts mix. This may not seem like a lot but if you put this in perspective with the 1.6 trillion tons of asphalt used globally each year, the amount of waste plastic recycled if all of that number where to include MR6 would total up to roughly 96 millions tons. That amount of plastic could make The Great Pyramid of Giza 15 times over.

If you are still not convinced this might do the trick. MacRebur claims that these roads will save you money. Using MR6 is cheaper to produce than polymer modified bitumen. With the roads increased strength and durability the maintenance costs on roads would be reduced. And to sweeten the deal less plastic in landfills should see a reduction in landfill tax costs. This is all money from your pocket!

MacRebur have already incorporated their product into roads across the UK and are now looking to take it overseas. Just last year the company went up against 9000 business in the Virgin Media Business Voom competition and went one to make it to the finals where they presented the MR6 product to Richard Branson and went on to win the competiton. So don’t just take our word for it when we say that this is a product that people will get behind the Virgin mogul said it himself.

“When it comes to finding ideas I want to invest in, my instinct is: If I like it, it’s quite likely a lot of other people will like it.”                                          

(Richard Branson)

Written by: Chris Goddard



Sources: MacRebur

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